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  • Heater Fan HT-G02
  • Heater Fan HT-G02
  • Heater Fan HT-G02
  • Heater Fan HT-G02
Heater Fan HT-G02Heater Fan HT-G02Heater Fan HT-G02Heater Fan HT-G02

Heater Fan HT-G02

  • Model No.: HT-G02
  • Power Supply: 22V/50Hz
  • Power Rate: < 1000W
  • Material: Fire Proof ABS + PTC
  • Product description: This is a bigger size fan heater which can warm a group of people. Isn't it great?
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Hot Sell High Quality Electric Fan Heater Made in China HT-G01

Product Advantages & Features:

- Quick heating with 3s

- Eye protection with no light heating

- Fixed comfortable temperature at 45°C

- Auto power off for safe use

- Over heating protection

- Fire proof materials

- Heat insulation material on the housing

- Large area coverage


Product Name Electric Heater Fan
Model No. HT-G02
Material Fire Proof ABS+PTC
Heater Module PTC Ceramic
Protection Function Built-in Recovery Fuse
Optional Colors White/Pink/Green
Input AC 220V/50Hz
Rated Power < 1000W
Standby Current < 20mA
Unit Size 158*195*145mm
Unit Weight 1.25KG
Package 12PCS / Carton
Carton Size 54.5*37.2*47.4cm
Carton N.W./G.W. 18 / 19KG